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Retirement Community near Bloomington, IL

Outdoor Space at the Bloomington Location

Retirement Community near Bloomington, IL

Meadows is a Retirement Community providing a comprehensive Christian retirement community. It is designed to promote the work of the associate Christian churches in meeting the needs of the community by caring for the elderly. This retirement center serves individuals at different points in the aging process, from those who live independently to those who need long-term care. As a community, we also provide opportunities for able individuals to help our cause by donating and volunteering. In this way, we create an atmosphere of care and camaraderie that spans generations.  Visit Meadows Retirement Community today!

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An Excellent Retirement Community 

Meadows seeks to minister to the elderly in the belief that God desires older persons to be cared for and loved. Our community is responsible for providing quality life to seniors through proper guidance and support. In addition, this retirement community offers the following:

Live your golden years in a pleasant & relaxing environment. Contact us today or visit our facilities.

You Are Cared For At Meadows Retirement Communities

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Meadows is an equal opportunity provider and employer. Meadows offers options to those in need of financial assistance. Ask about our Trinity Fund.

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