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Need rehab? We can help.

September 11, 2018

After a major surgery such a joint replacement or a significant incident such as a heart attack or stroke, your healthcare provider will recommend some kind of rehabilitation and therapy to help you recover. Immediately following your surgery or hospitalization, you may have the option of outpatient or inpatient rehab. Which is best for you?

A short stay in an inpatient skilled nursing facility will allow you to focus completely on your recovery while leaving all other concerns in the hands of the staff. Your therapy sessions will be daily, probably multiple times per day, to help you recover faster. Our therapy staff at Meadows is available for physical, occupational, or speech therapy seven days a week to get you back to your best quickly. You will receive coordinated care from our team directed by your physician, who work together and communicate regularly during your stay to help you achieve best results. All surgical wound care and medication management will be taken care of, and the staff is available 24 hours to assist with safely getting up or down from your bed or chair and provide other support. Inpatient rehab will also take care of the worry about household tasks such as meal preparation, cleaning up, and laundry - a significant advantage.

If you decide to have therapy as an outpatient, you will see a therapist up to three times per week either in your home, which may not be well set up for a therapy session, or at the therapy location. Meadows has a full therapy gym for any typer of rehab you require. For best results, you will need to do more exercises on your own at home. You will need assistance from family or friends in your home, probably 24 hours a day, because most people are not able to fully care for themselves after a surgery or serious illness. Outpatient recovery is a good option for those who have strength, mobility, and are able to function independently to manage their own daily activities and care.

Ask your physician and your family before deciding on the best option for you. Meadows is here to help, whichever option you choose.

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