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Thank you for donating! 


Charitable giving is one way we, as individuals and organizations, express our values. It is how we translate our passions into actions. 
Meadows Communities has a wide range of giving opportunities for donors to consider.

Giving Methods:

Planned giving instruments give donors ways to protect their holdings, provide for their families, and leave a legacy to an organization with a mission they believe in.  Here are variety of ways to make charitable donations:

  • Cash gifts are always appreciated.
  • Check, credit card, or giving online
  • Securities, bonds and other instruments that can be easily converted to cash
  • To donate via mail click this Link to "giving-envelope.pdf" to print a donation card

Gifts can be immediate or deferred:

  • Bequests
  • Trusts
  • Insurance policies
  • For those interested in making a gift of appreciated property, a Charitable Remainder Unitrust or Annuity Trust is often advantageous.

You can make a charitable commitment over a one- to two-year period to help us meet our goals. We are accepting pledge payments with options of 1-year and 2-year pledges that can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Meadows Mennonite Retirement Community is a 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.

Contact Meadows Mennonite Retirement Community at 309-747-2702 for more information.

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Meadows is an equal opportunity provider and employer. Meadows offers options to those in need of financial assistance. Ask about our Trinity Fund.

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