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Independent Living FAQs

● What is Medicare?

Medicare is a health insurance program for persons 65 years and older.  Medicare does not cover all expenses, and it's designed for hospital,  skilled nursing home care up to 100 days, and hospice care.  There are very specific guidelines to qualify for coverage so please talk with the Meadows Social Services staff to make sure you qualify.

● What is Medicaid?

The Medicaid program is administrated through the Department of Public Health.  To qualify for Medicaid, a person’s income and savings must be below a certain limit.  If your spouse is still at home, Medicaid lets you set aside some of your assets. This helps the spouse at home financially and allows the spouse in the nursing home to be eligible for Medicaid sooner. Our business office or social services staff can help you understand the requirements and how to apply for Medicaid. At this time, Meadows is not a member of the Medicaid program.

● What should I look for in memory care?

Ask these questions: Does the community provide a home-like, social atmosphere? Does the staff provide care that enhances the remaining abilities  and compensates for the inabilities of my loved one? Do they emphasize safety while allowing for freedom of movement? Is the atmosphere calm, relaxed, and noise-controlled? Are a variety of interesting activities planned for the residents?

● Who owns Meadows Mennonite Retirement Communities?

Meadows Mennonite Retirement Communities is a not-for-profit corporation that began in 1923. Meadows is supported by many churches and communities in central Illinois, and 14 central Illinois Mennonite and other Christian congregations. Meadows has a Board of Directors consisting of members of Mennonite churches and community leaders. Meadows is regulated by the Illinois Department of Public Health.

● When can I visit?

Meadows has an open visiting time policy, meaning you are welcome to visit your loved one when it is convenient for you. You are welcome to eat meals with your loved one and join in the activities. Meadows has numerous rooms and areas where you can have private meetings. Meadows also has rooms which are available to reserve for special family events.

● Can I keep my own physician?

Yes, you can keep your own personal physician. However, this does require a commitment on your physician's part to visit you at the Meadows when necessary, or a family member to transport you to appointments. Meadows Mennonite Retirement Communities does have a Medical Director who will provide medical services to you.  Please ask Social Services for more information. State law requires new residents to be seen by a physician every month for the first three months, then every two months thereafter for Intermediate Care.

● What are the qualifications for Meadows Independent Living Homes?

Meadows Independent Living Villas are designed for independent people 60 years and older. A person must be able to care for themselves or arrange for care through our  home care provider. Meadows provide both indoor and outside maintenance of the homes and grounds including yard work and snow removal. The villas are for older adults who want to remain active but no longer want to do the work of mowing the grass, shoveling snow, or repairing items in the house. Please visit the page ‘Independent Living’ for more details, or contact us at (309) 747-2702 to arrange a tour and answer your further questions. We hope to visit with you at Meadows Independent Living Villas.

● May I bring my own furniture and decorations?

Absolutely! We encourage you to decorate your independent living villa or your room in our nursing facility in a way that expresses your personality and provides comfort. Our independent living villas come equipped with appliances, so just bring your furniture and accessories. Our skilled nursing rooms have ample closet and storage space, and you are welcome to use your own decorations. Our maintenance director will be happy to help you hang pictures and wall hangings. We do have painting and flooring guidelines in place, so please check with the administrator.

● May I have guests?

Independent living villas have a guest suite available for overnight guests on a first come, first served basis, and you may also reserve space in the Campus Center for parties, dinners or reunions.  Families may reserve space in the skilled facility for special events or family gatherings with residents, and meals can be arranged with our culinary director.

● May I have pets?

Small, well-behaved dogs and cats with proper documentation from a veterinarian can live at the independent living villas. Residents are responsible for the care of their pets. For more details, please ask about our pet policies and procedures.  Our life enrichment coordinator plans activities involving a variety of animals for our skilled nursing residents and memory care residents to enjoy.

● May I bring my car?

The independent living villas have attached, one-car garages. Meadows provides transportation for our skilled care residents to doctor’s appointments and recreational activities.

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Meadows is an equal opportunity provider and employer. Meadows offers options to those in need of financial assistance. Ask about our Trinity Fund.

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